Jerome Farley Vinyl Collection & Pressing

13,200 units of vinyl

[…], mostly house music singles, from the beginning of house in 1986 until the first end of vinyl in 1997. Strictly alphabetized and always maintained in optimum climate control for mint condition. As collector I never missed a week of record hunting at all important record stores in NYC nor hunting every promo until I had the access to receive most promotional copies. Collection in its later years (1999-) the source of all of house music pioneer & celebrity DJ Junior Vasquez’ years of gigantic parties and worldwide events. Collection inspired by DJs

Frankie Knuckles and Junior Vasquez

[…]. Includes very rare copies, white labels, acetates, test pressings, limited edition copies and hard-to-get, single pressings besides important, carefully selected house (and its derivatives) songs and tracks.

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I have held my Collection very tightly until recently. It has been used and is available or sampling purposes by music producers and by disc jockeys, set designers, photographers, movie sets, and for others on a one-off basis, at my sole discretion.

The Collection is represented exclusively by Lea Winter. Contact her directly with any inquiry regarding a bid or a one-off use for sampling or any other use (use in film/tv/video/photography, etc.).

Vinyl Pressing

(Mastering for Vinyl, Lathes, Duplication/Manufacturing, Test Pressings for Approval & Delivery)

Since the mid 1990s I have worked with a variety a third party vinyl manufacturers as the head of four independent record labels (mostly in the dance music genre), including Eightball Records (renowned NYC indie dance and jazz label in the 1990s with vinyl record shop: Eightball Records The Shop E. 9th St.@Fourth Ave.) and Junior Vasquez Music (the vinyl pressing of Vernessa Mitchell, “Took My Life” was serviced to Billboard Club Play reporters earned the coveted Billboard Club Play Song of the Year in 2004, a very high quality vinyl pressing).

We work with the best individuals and companies to effectively produce the best final product vinyl pressing in 2016. To do so, we have not found one single company that performs all of the processes involved. Instead, we outsource to the best for each phase for our customers, as we do for our own in-house label’s releases for 2017. The process is more time-consuming because of various talent, suppliers and manufacturers, but this is the cost of creating top quality vinyl when there are, in my estimation, no suitable one-stop manufacturers of vinyl.

If you wish to produce vinyl, the minimum quantity is 100 units, and we can produce up to 10,000 units currently. We are happy to discuss the particulars with you. Contact us with all details about your request here.

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