SBS Slammer


Analog BKNY by Craig Bernabeu is the world’s best club audio system. The best sound system I had ever heard was STEREO MONTREAL in 2006 when owned by David Morales, also designed by Craig Bernabeu . Since then I’ve heared the major systems around the world including the current Stereo installation, Sankeys IbizaCieloMinistry of SoundZouk Singaporeas well as high end systems across Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Turkey, China, Australia, Japan, USA and the UK.
With no doubt, I can comfortably confirm that Analog BKNY is #1 in the world. Why? It is clean and clear, and conveys the musical message in a sublime way. No other sound system does this. I’ve heard it playing high and low, and it stays the same: clear and clean.
The SBS Slammer system at Analog BKNY wants to make you dance. You feel the energy and the strength from the recordings. The sonic experience keeps you magnetised. The bass is unrivalled: it nurtures and sooths your soul. Play it high and it just remains stable. Other systems just don’t get there. They simply aren’t the same thing.
Analog is a great business opportunity for entertainment entrepreneurs. The same Analog system that exists in Brooklyn (Analog BKNY) can be installed in your city and this will definitely attract a grand market and produce economic profits. Don’t miss out on this opportunity before anyone else gets it. There will only be one Analog system per city. Craig can provide a spreadsheet demonstrating how venue profits increase when installing an Analog SBS system by Craig Bernabeu.
Dr. Antonio Hyder
Professor of Technology Marketing


El sistema de audio Analog BKNY por Craig Bernabeu es lo que debes instalar si deseas convertirte en la referencia en audio de discotecas y ocio en tu ciudad, llevando tu negocio de ocio al maximo nivel y aumentando los beneficios económicos.
Sólo habrá una instalación en cada ciudad, manteniendo la exclusividad y el alto retorno económico.
Analog BKNY por Craig Bernabeu es el mejor system de audio mundial. La mejor instalación que había escuchado era STEREO MONTREAL en 2006 cuando David Morales era el dueño. Este equipo también fue diseñado por Craig Bernabeu . Desde entonces he escuchado las mejores instalaciones de audio en todo el mundo incluidos el Stereo actual, Sankeys IbizaCieloMinistry of SoundZouk Singapore y también instalaciones top end en España, Italia, Francia, Alemania, Turquía, China Australia, Japon, USA e Inglaterra.
Sin duda, puedo cómodamente confirmar que Analog BKNY es el número 1 mundial. ¿Por qué? El audio es limpio y claro, y transmite el mensaje musical de manera sublime. Ningun otro equipo hace esto. Lo he escuchado a volumen Bajo y a volumen Alto y suena igual: Claro y Limpio. Otros sistemas no llegan hasta ahí. Sencillamente, no son lo mismo.
El sistema de audio Analog BKNY te hace querer bailar. Escucha la energía y poder de las grabaciones y te mantiene cautivado. Los bajos subsónicos no tienen rival: calman y nutren tu alma. Sube el volumen muy alto y verás como el audio se mantiene igual: Claro y Limpio. Otros equipos no llegan ahí. Simplemente no hacen lo mismo.
Analog es una gran oportunidad para empresarios del ocio. El mismo sistema que existe en Brooklyn puede ser instalado en tu ciudad, y sin duda atraerá un mercado masivo y aumentará los beneficios. No pierdas esta oportunidad antes de que se te anticipen. Sólo habrá un sistema Analog por ciudad, manteniendo la exclusividad en tu inversión. Incluso Craig Bernabeute proporcionará un hoja de cálculo donde se demuestra que la instalación de un sistema Analog aumentará los beneficios económicos de tu local.
Dr. Antonio Hyder
Experto en Marketing Tecnológico

Below are photos of another former award-winning SBS Slammer system by Craig ‘Shorty’ Bernabeu: Stereo nightclub in Montreal. Stereo continuously won Best Sound of the Year in the industry-recognized magazine of the era during the time that SBS powered the sound at Stereo.

In 2016, Craig ‘Shorty’ Bernabeu’s SBS Slammer has its showroom at his and Michael Bruno’s Analog BKNY. Audiophiles and pioneering DJs call the sound better than the all-time standard for nightclub sound, NYC’s Paradise Garage.

SBS Slammer sound systems are custom built and handmade in the United States of America. Transport and installation to anywhere in the world can be arranged.

SBS Slammer is the world’s finest SOUND SYSTEM, in particular for nightclubs that place sound first.


The current showroom is at Analog BKNY.

SBS Slammer Sales Presentation – Fall 2016 (CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD)

Craig “Shorty” Bernabeu

SBS Slammer, SBS Designs & CMB Productions, Inc.

Dear Interested Nightclub Owners:

SBS Slammer by SBS Designs offers and sells the best sound systems in the world, quite simply because our products are handmade with its high-end tried-and-true, one-off philosophies offering the highest quality analog designs, versus a “digital” sound philosophy. Analog simply sounds better, causes less audio fatigue and is preferred by audio enthusiasts (audiophiles) and proper disc jockeys. Our customers recognize quality and are buying from an audio firm that has researched, developed and manufactured nearly acoustically flawless products, selected precisely for the conditions of use with great care. Virtually every piece of equipment is handmade with the best materials, some made to unique SBS Designs specifications with the finest of partners and developers worldwide to provide fidelity of the quality the Shorty demands. Shorty and his SBS portfolio of companies are the “new original” in an overly factory-produced marketplace on a global scale.

SBS Designs & SBS Slammer is a boutique firm designing top quality sound systems for a variety of venues, including the very best nightclubs where the sound must be perfect and eventful in itself, smaller venues including top lounges and bars, houses of worship, large venues, the offices of record label executives where pop songs are first heard and tested, and other private installations and even VIP home installations.

SBS selects which components, each one made to custom specifications, comprise the SBS Designs and SBS Slammer Lines. The 2017 line is just entering its concluding phases, but the line is constantly in evolution. As the Chief Audio Engineer, via his new new nightclub & Showroom, Analog BKNY, has earned in just months, praise that most purists thought would never again be given upon a sound system after having experienced the immaculate sound of the Paradise Garage (Sound Engineer: Richard Long), Twilo (Sound Engineer: Steve Dash, Sound Technician: Shorty), Zanzibar (Sound Engineer: Richard Long) and even Stereo (Sound Engineer: Shorty). The professional accolades for the newest SBS Slammer system put it as the best sound system for a nightclub in the world. There is no dissent once a dj or audiophile has heard it, much less measured it for its accuracy, regarding its lack of audio fatigue and the indefinable pleasure of the experience of spending a night on its dance floor.

Benefits of a handmade SBS Slammer by SBS Designs

With SBS Designs manufacturing its own designs from its Power Amplifiers and Processing, offering a 10 year warranty on both, and custom loudspeaker components, SBS Slammer can quality control on each step from the product’s conception to guarantee that the end result is the finest made sound system possible. This is an advantage that no other sound company or manufacturer can offer its clients. For this reason, SBS has a proven track record of, once being designed and installed for a specific venue in a particular market, the venue becomes the most respected musically, it is able to attract the highest profile djs, it dominates its own nightlife market, and it earns accolades that extend beyond its market.

Press Benefits

SBS Slammer (formally Systems By Shorty) has gained praise in nightclubs globally in its sound designs and installations from Brooklyn to Montreal to Shanghai to Singapore to Athens to Hawaii and back to Long Island City (NYC) and other markets.

All of the installation’s press has been achieved solely by word-of-mouth, and his recent partnership at 177 2nd Avenue, now his own global nightclub brand, Analog, is open in Brooklyn: Analog BKNY. Having his own space with incredible musically savvy partners allowed him to create his greatest design ever, and with all his work in clubs across the globe, its opening was immediately followed by press and reviews about the high profile sound system and spectacular venue, incidentally without a publicist or aggressive marketing, as would be the case for every other system in NYC which has ever earned accolades since the original Paradise Garage.

SBS Slammer by SBS Designs has been nominated and gained awards as Best Sound System between club installs and even as mobile SBS Slammers twelve times during the years spanning from 2003 to 2014 and has been featured on the cover of multiple magazines with featured stories, all by word-of-mouth. Unlike its digital competitors, no outlay of money has been spent to ‘prop up’ the SBS Slammer. One night hearing it is enough to sell a system to a savvy investor concerned about their ROI. For the first time ever, the SBS Slammer Series I Ground stack technology has been reviewed in a consumer home HIFI Audiophile magazine, Stereo Times. This is the first time ever in history that a pro audio company earn coverage in a consumer hifi magazine. Analog is back: it’s what clubbers and bar denizens expect of sound, but it’s also driving towards the mainstream and consumer audio with blazing speed.

His leftfield one-off designs have dominated dancefloors globally, achieving for each club recognition as the best sound dominating other major brands in each’s market. Funktion once dominated the NYC area with two major installs at Cielo and Output, yet simply word-of-mouth and social media about the showroom and club Analog BKNY have once again pronounced Shorty’s SBS Slammer as the Best Sound in NYC at Analog BKNY. The press value for your market for a sound system by SBS is optimal over our digital competitors, not only in sound quality but in terms of client reach, engagement and press value, as compared to other venues in the same market.

For arrangements to hear the SBS Slammer at Analog BKNY Contact &

DJ Renown

The already globally known SBS Slammer has been offered in various clubs across the globe and had the likes of Grammy award winners Louie Vega, David Morales and John ‘Jellybean’ Benitez, Frankie Knuckles RIP perform on it, besides artists Tony Humphries, Danny Krivit, Francious K, Anane Vega, South Africa’s Black Coffee, Tom Stephan AKA Super Chumbo, Jonathan Peters, Danny Tenaglia, DJ Vibe, John Digweed, Oscar G, Junior Vasquez, Ron Trent, Ian Friday, Jihad Muhammad and many more .

Analog BKNY

The First of its Kind HIFI Sound System at Analog BKNY:

The state-of-the-art award-nominated HIFI analog system at Analog BKNY, designed by SBS Slammer / SBS Designs / Craig ‘SBS Shorty’ Bernabeu was originally installed at SystemNY and was nominated for best sound in NYC by Time Out NY in 2014.

This SBS Slammer powering Analog BKNY has gone through a series of upgrades and transformation and enlarged into a four or six Ground Stack Audiophile system to take it to the finest level of playback. It features for the first time ever the all new SBS Slammer Series I Tripp 2-way full-range system with the Triple SBS Slammer Series I Mid-Bass Horn Loaded Modules and Wide dispersion Mid-Highs stacked on two SBS Slammer FLH 218-F Sub-Bass Horns coupled with Quad 18-inch Loaded Subwoofers per stack and two SBS Slammer STA-371HF Tweeter Arrays over the dancefloor for the most brilliant top end sizzle. The Amplifiers and Processing for the SBS Slammer are housed in a climate controlled, secured and dust free amplifier/control room to maintain the proper operating temperature without failure.

One-of-a-Kind Handmade Power Amplifiers:

The SBS Slammer at Analog BKNY offers for the first time ever handmade one-of-a-kind amplifiers that can only be heard in the SBS Slammer, designed & manufactured to the tightest tolerances, primarily for high end clubs, recording studios and mastering houses. They are designed and manufactured exclusively by SBS Designs for the ultimate precision in the USA.

Exclusive, custom and high-end SBS Designs Processing:

Exclusive to the SBS Slammer & Analog BKNY is the only club and sound system to offer the SBS Slammer S3x (3-way Slammer System Full Range Analog Crossover), though it is available for new high end installations SBS Slammer other than at Analog BKNY. High end studio and club processing by SBS Designs, namely the Iso-Q2 Advanced Isolator & Focusing Equalizer, and the SP-1 High Fidelity Valve Expander ( with full range Mastering EQs by White Instruments are standard for SBS Slammer installations.

The SBS Slammer at Analog BKNY is a completely analog sound system of the highest quality available in the world.

Craig ‘SBS Shorty’ Bernabeu’s role in Analog Brooklyn:

As the creator of the club concept brand and logo named Analog BKNY (Brooklyn), based on his cutting edge award winning SBS Slammer HIFI Analog Technology, Craig ‘SBS Shorty’ Bernabeu, alongside Michael ‘Das’ Bruno, co-manage and are partners for any events under the Analog BKNY moniker to bring cutting edge entertainment that will separate Analog BKNY from any other brand in the NYC and set the bar for the global market in quality sound.

Michael ‘Das’ Bruno and I are proud to bring our vision to the NYC/Brooklyn area to a space that is totally designed around its unique high end sound system with cutting edge design and lighting, built singularly with dancing and music aficionados in mind.

SBS Slammer Sales:
For sales inquires, please contact Jerome Farley.

Craig Bernabeu


Dear Sir or Madam:

You’re not just buying from a sound company. You’re buying from an audio firm that has researched, developed and manufactured nearly acoustically flawless products, selected precisely for the conditions of use with great care and developed its own line of products out of dissatisfaction with any current existing product line. This is the singular work of Craig ‘Shorty’ Bernabeu. He’s today’s leading Audio Designer & Engineer of Analog Sound Systems in the world. Vinyl has returned (300% over last year, expected to triple that next year), and people want Great Sound again.

He does not buy off the shelf and construct a system for you in that manner. He cannot quote your room without seeing it because there are too many factors to create ideal sound that he needs to see that other sound companies may not recognize. He passionately endeavors to give you nothing less than perfect sound for your room, be it a nightclub, your listening room at your record label, your house of worship, your restaurant or bar, or even your home.

The SBS Slammer Standard goes beyond our superior award winning sound at SBS. The best sound systems in the world are conceived in the imagination of an audio genius like Shorty. He crafts the Cabinets (speakers) by hand, utilizing the finest materials and technology, to create an extraordinary, very high end piece of electronics that he also finishes according to the look you desire.

Less visible but very important are the amplifiers and processing that Shorty has created that permit the speakers to operate optimally and create magic sound. His proprietary designs permit meter-validated better sound than digital systems. Anyone who has heard an SBS Slammer will say the same, and it’s virtually undisputed that the sound at his showroom in Analog BKNY, the hottest new nightspot with its principal attraction being what’s called by audiophiles and legendary ‘sound’ djs like Bruce Forest ( better than the PG (the “Paradise Garage”):

I agree – I haven’t heard anything like Analog’s system since King Street but the comparison is a little unfair. PG was a system built with 70s/80s technology, and while it was fabulous, I equate it with a fine old Rolls Royce. Carefully crafted, lovingly maintained, nice performance. Analog is more like a 2016 Ferrari. While fully analog, it uses technology not even dreamed of in 1975, has far more control over the source material than PG, and along with Shorty’s “magic boxes” (isolators, Membrane..) it allows a good DJ to do things that never could have been done at PG. —Hey, there is nothing wrong with a stunning 1975 Rolls Royce. It’s a classic, highly admired, and deserving of all the adulation. But personally, IMVHO, if I’m heading out onto a track, I’ll take the Ferrari. B)”

SBS Slammer is a boutique sound company whose philosophy and theory is based on producing the highest quality audio without compromise. From concept to creation, our ethics and superior degree of electronic proficiency and cabinet-making finesse are evident when you touch the fine materials used in the build and when you gaze upon the beauty of the craftsmanship.

An SBS Slammer is an experience that excites and stimulates all the senses.

I direct the global strategy and sales for the company and am a close advisor of Shorty.
SBS Slammer Analog Sound Systems

The showroom and nightclub
SBS Showroom & NYC Nightclub with Best Sound Worldwide

Contact me if you are interested in hearing the Slammer or discussing the ROI for your venue.

Jerome Farley

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