Music Production & Programming

As first DJ/Remixer Junior Vasquez’ Manager and later Partner in JVM, my role was both that of Business Manager and Creative Director. As Creative Director, I directed the music production/recording studios and worked closely with musicians & programming engineers on the production aspect of all of the music output of the Junior Vasquez brand from 1999-2008. Our output was wide in scope and covered all major pop acts and the finest independent talent.

JVM (Vasquez+Farley) Songs on YouTube (incomplete):

(Selected works>NEW HERE 01 September)

Music for Versace Runway Shows
Music for Donatella Versace’s runway shows 2001-2003 (Milan+Paris). Though Liz Rosenberg, Madonna’s now-retired longtime publicist, stated in no uncertain terms that Junior Vasquez would  never work with Madonna again (after his “If Madonna Calls” stunt, which despite widespread myth, was NOT from an answering machine message, for she never called him in that period nor left any such message), Donatella was so fond of my partner’s and my runway show music that she intervened in that long-running feud and (somehow) got Madonna’s approval for an official, sanctioned remix of “American Life”& “Hollywood” for exclusive use in her runway show. Remix produced for Junior Vasquez Music by Jerome Farley. Creative concept: J. Farley, Mix engineer: M. Lucero. [Unreleased to the public]