cc logo.jpgWe offer a full recording studio including music composition, melody creation, songwriting, music production (or remix), vocal recording, vocal editing, mixdown and mastering.

Our most successful product in 2016 is music on demand for use in advertisements (cost scaled by use) and synchronization to commercials, film, movies, tv and other video.

We have a special passion for creating full artist albums with visual narrative.

Our chief audio engineer has produced full narrative albums for multiple artists, and JF has executive produced many now. Our first priority clients are those producing albums with music videos, a an actively touring artist, and demonstrable resources to market the artist/the album. We consider collaborations; we understand Music Publishing and have a track record of effective partnership with our collaborators, in many cases proudly having guided them to setting up their own publishing. The majority of our work has been for other Brand DJs, and we understand Ego in this business very well. Our discretion is impeccable with regards to any work.

The fact is that top names use “music programmers” more often than not, and not anyone with a computer can make a musically proper but mindblowing fresh song. We are confident that we can create the song of any great idea and are fluent at finding and making the level of your involvement right for your situation. We have spent only 1 of the past 4 quarters working exclusively on dance music – rather pop songs and “sync” for movie/film/video. For new projects, we consider any type of music production project as long as the goal is great music.

The Chief Audio engineer of our recording studio has produced and engineered all of the music to final mixdown, from any range of existing vocals, parts or just ideas, remixes and productions that became Billboard Club Play #1 dance songs and ‘classics’ for the likes of Victor Calderone, Junior Vasquez and Tracy Young.

Delivery wait time varies, but we pride ourselves on generally very fast turnaround, particularly on sync and time-sensitive commercial use music on demand.

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