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I owe a great deal of gratitude to Groovilicious Records’ alumna Stephanie Reed for introducing me to Eddie Gordon. We had a lovely dinner in the East Village of NYC in early 2008, and I was struck during that dinner by what a genius promotional idea Eddie had devised and thought to myself…

This Is Genius.

I was at first a “DJ” of Kings of Spins and, within a year, a “Label” King as well. My own upstart label while I was trying to figure out what was next for me out of the gigantic shadow of my former incredible client-of-a-decade, Junior Vasquez, newly in Barcelona, was my lil’ label Continuous Cool.

Eddie’s Kings of Spins’ enabled what was designed as a springboard for talented and under-represented producers and singers to have become a vital record label and reach important DJs and reach Beatport + Traxsource (when that was nearly impossible for talent to do on its own).

Because of Kings of Spins promoting my priority projects for Continuous Cool, my little label’s reach has expanded beyond what was before possible. It’s also enabled my LABEL 2K17 PROJECT. I’m breaking the model of what was a ‘dance’ label and have rethought it entirely so that a U.S. label can again be vital like newcombers since the golden age of Strictly Rhythm, Eightball, Groovilicious, Tribal America & Twisted.

One of the first things that occurred to me in devising the Strategy with my partners was: WE NEED  “Kings of Spins”. And thank god, it’s cheap compared to what the reach it provides, enabling us to not kill our artists’ royalty payments with the kind of silly and outdated charges like $3000 (or $100,000) to have a ‘Billboard Club Play Song of the Year’. I got one of those in 2004 for my artist Vernessa Mitchell with her Joe Carrano-produced “Took My Life” on ‘Junior Vasquez Music’, plus countless #1s, that ended up not impacting the actual play reach that Kings of Spins does (exponentially).

Eddie understands digital consumer psychology and the expanded pool of DJs worldwide.

When I work with djs, singers or frankly…every client (not up for discussion!)’s songs need Kings of Spins to digitally impact, which translates to broadcast and physical perfomrances via its DJ-Kings.

My clients who have been delighted across the board include Sound Factory Records, Robert Clivilles, C&C Music Factory, C&C Music Factory Records, Joi Cardwell, curly gurly records (Joi’s label), Grammy-nominated DJ/Producer Tony Moran, Sugarhouse, Mr. Tanman Records, Xelle, Barbara Tucker, Superstar…and lots of others.

Eddie constantly understands the continuously changing digital sphere, and the company helps labels adapt and stay relevant…and the great thing is that I truly believe that among all my colleagues, Eddie’s passion for this music is golden.

It’s Critical. Kings of Spins.



Eddie Gordon


Farley feat. Debby Holiday “Fantasy”


Stay tuned for new music this year from Scarlett Santana (Kings #1) and Thaea (Kings #1) -– plus a cornucopia of the best new young talent of rhythmic pop and rhythmic underground. Get it first at Kings of Spins.



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