I can’t even quite find words adequate for the joy I feel today as I celebrate Selen Bilgutay Aviance Cakmak’s Birthday…


I’m as proud as a peacock to have her in my life, to see the beautiful life and family she has built besides her own respectable, professional career apart from mine.

Selen came into my life on the night I started dj’ing at Save the Robots. In no time, she became my new best friend, advisor, confidant, guardian and much more.


Any accomplishments that I have in the music biz, or those of Junior that he and I achieved together, would not have happened without Selen by my side. Selen let me be the Boss, helping me first get a record label running from my home loft/studio, Tantrum Recordings. She was singularly the person whom I trusted the most and never let me down during some wild years.

We had rapid fire great synchronicity working together; my DJ career soon turned much more serious than I had planned. In no time we were moving all my records into the private DJ booth at Tunnel (designed originally for Junior Vasquez). I ended up going back to play at Robots, but in the fury of exciting things that our friendship produced, it also got me hired at Eightball Records. Selen, of course, came along, and she ran the label while I tried to figure out how to save it from what all indie labels faced: extinction until adapting to digital content delivery and monetization.R-7092826-1433549517-9737.jpeg.jpg

Selen and I had been stealth in moving from Eightball to me managing Junior Vasquez and c0-creating JVM “Junior Vasquez Music”, and what followed from our combined hard work was an empire of professional studios and quick #1 singles in succession, demand for Junior unlike ever in his career, international club & radio DJ for the first time, a new record label (JVM) and executive producing both our own events and songs.

We hauled a lot of boxes of records, made a lot of mistakes, but we learned together, and by her organically good nature and savvy mindset, we overcame almost every impediment we faced professionally, sharing the same mission: restore to Junior Vasquez his legacy and seal his place in the history books as an important musician for all time. We didn’t spend enough time to stop and smell the roses, which I regret, but I am flooded by only wonderful memories of having a friend so wonderful that she not only supported but worked her ass off for us to impact as we set out to do. Selen is to me a godsend.


We’ve come a long way, and we’re not done. Selen is family to me forever for the tireless and patient support and encouragement she gave me, continued to give me through good and bad, and for her loyalty as a true friend. A lot of people wanted a lot from me at a time when she selflessly tried to protect me from being used because of my work, and along the way Selen was not properly recognized for all she did, all the help she provided me as my virtual business partner…and personally. She’s with me “even though I’m on my own,” and whenever she’s too far, “surely she’ll come home.” I can count on her, and she makes me want to be the best friend humanly possible in return.

I celebrate Selen today: a remarkable woman, mother, wife, artist, leader, creative director, business manager, business confidant, motivator, and…friendas she turns 29 (again…)

#houseofaviance #tantrum #jvm #twilo #earth #family #illbeyourfriend #untiltheend

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