Tonight! Saturday, November 12th, 2016:
The Black Madonna





Bravo CLUB ANALOG®. Best Sound System made by hand by a true audio genius unrivalled in powering SOUND for a club – a ‘proper’ club experience. Sadly EDM and the like creep up so fast that somehow HAVING A GREAT SOUND SYSTEM was diluted by commercial interests and slipped by the wayside. It’s been a decade, before Analog did it for themselves, that a club owner has had the sense of the greats like Phil Smith, Richard Long and others responsible for true sound the way our music was designed to be played. SBS Slammers are built to the strictest of standards to enhance the experience of listening to music at a club or in a ‘party’ environment. The bar is, simply, perfect sound, and Analog’s creator is relentless and unstoppable on his mission. Slammers are made with love. Digital audio causes audio fatigue and contributes to hearing loss; analog does not, for, if anything, it’s called therapeutic for the body and mind.

The hours that young people spend on a nightclub’s dancefloor need to be the most expansive to the mind, positive, reinforcing and community-building for the common good of music, and entire (important, recognized) influence over tastemakers on a variety of social issues. Nightlife used to better foster creativity and instill culture and acceptance in those who enter the sphere of a great sound system for a journey, even a short one.

Club Analog® is Brooklyn reminds of the days in a club when you say, hold on, turn around, “casually!” Madonna’s dancing (truly listening to the music) right next to us…Factory-style, in its impeccable, heard-around-the-world sound…its booth-t0-house accuracy for the finest audio design molded in real time by the DJ. The Art of DJ’ing.

Analog is a constant work-in-progress for Shorty. He’s stubborn that even when it’s called perfect sound it can still be an even more beautiful experience. It’s no throwback system to the 70s; rather, it’s state-of-the-art though it has whispers of Twilo, Stereo Montreal (for which CEO Craig Bernabeu won Best Sound years running. Stereo is a legend, and best known for its sound, an when it was winning awards every year, those years coincided with Stereo being outfitted with a SBS Slammer), and the lineage of RichardLong-RLA-Phil Smith-Phazon as respected systems predating the SBS Slammer. Time Out incidentally awarded the primitive Analog BKNY® system best club sound in NYC in 2014…but of course Shorty rebuilt it from scratch and created Club Analog Sound by The SBS Slammer®.

The SBS Slammer philosophy is that the sound of the likes at the Paradise Garage and original Sound Factory, a SOFT BEAUTIFUL WARM ENVELOPING feeling of analog sound is compelling and even addictive, and healthy for the body, mind and soul. For this reason, Analog BKNY’s talent roster is curated with a magic touch of the combined experience, instinct and very high bar with pioneers like Bruce Forest and the freshest djs of all shades of dance music. The roster of DJs is kept very tight…only the best djs from this sound system.


The USA has only one joint so far with the complete analog experience: Analog BKNY, in NYC. SBS Slammers arrive to new markets around the world in 2017, based on the new, proprietary technology developed by Bernabeu as he’s designed and fine-tuned the “genius sound” at Analog BKNY.

Bernabeu is constantly at work upgrading and improving whats already called perfect sound, while delivering SBS Slammer’s first ever Middle East Region SBS Slammer, custom designed for mobile use in Amman, Jordan.

SBS Slammer Factory and Showroom (Analog BKNY, Brooklyn( now operate 365 days per year under Bernabeu’s direction.


#analog #analogrevolution #demanditfromyourdanceclub #soundmatters #soundheals #feelthemusic #mindbodysoul


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