Rubbing Myself (Eddie Baez Mix)

The chicks who sang this track •RUBBING MYSELF• used to come to my house parties, and when after weeks of playing this someone told me they were in my house, so I gave them a microphone, and they MOANEDºwhisperedºSANG right on top of this record…with Jam Man delay for your nerves … and it almost blew up the whole building! This song/Eddie’s mix holds a very special place in my heart.
eddie bad girls.jpg
NYC could have gone a VERY different way if my friend Richard hadn’t been so worn out by getting a club open that he didn’t stick by his principle of STANDING BY THE DJ…SF 46 Saturdays, had Richard just been a little more patient, would have been verrrrrry different.


I’m not saying better or worse, but Eddie is immensely talented and he was the best prepared DJ to fill those very big shoes IMO. Musically the entire map might have changed. Sound Factory could have even been an international smash like the first one, nothing like the specific carnival of madness it became with JP’s music, or it could have been an entirely different beast.

What JP did though was remarkable. He managed to draw people from as far away from Manhattan as possible, and I’d bet there was hardly a single person from Manhattan in that building…maybe 1%. He made it his OWN too. It had nothing to do with the first Sound Factory.

I loved Richard and, even as his competitor, never really ‘came’ for him out of massive respect (in fact, I dreamt of getting Jr back there, and…failed at that) but it turned into something else…I was already old (26ish) then and have a personal rule about a retirement age for ‘playing records.’

I admit that I was also kind of pissed because if it hadn’t been for Eddie Acosta, neither Eddie nor JP would have played there. …I had Richard on my side. But…in retrospect…thank god. Better the devil you know.

Eddie Baez’s “Cold World” remix, the version touched by the hand of then-future Legend Guido Osorio (Razor & Guido) is remastered and comes out on Thursday, November 17, 2016 on Continuous Cool (by exclusive license from Tantrum Recordings).

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