Duran Duran, not Earth@Exit. One track minds. haha

Before house music in 1986ish, I came up on Duran Duran and Depeche Mode. The first song that really caught my attention was “Planet Earth”. I was only 9 but hooked. My mom got me the vinyl and I took great care of it. It is among the first 25 records in my Vinyl Collection.

The next year I think, “Hungry Like A Wolf” was my next DD obsession.

It was a dream come true to remix “Skin Divers” (featuring Timbaland). While I was remixing it I came to realize that some hardcore DD fans didn’t look favorably on DD collaborating with Timbaland. I had mad respect for being purists, for I wouldn’t want the music that I was closest to diluted either. I got it. I still did gave the remix my all. I like Timbaland, and I was not bothered by the collaboration.

Post includes account of my Duran Duran remix & YouTube link (bad quality)

The mix was accepted but it was very hard to get answers out of the label as to why there was no  promotion and then no release. I was left to assume that the fans who didn’t like the collaboration with Timbaland were loud enough to get the label’s attention. If that’s the case, I’m impressed.

Today someone was kind enough to bring my attention to a DD Message Board. People even crazier about DD than me? Awesome.

Duran Duran Pro Boards

Screenshot 2016-10-13 18.40.59.png

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