Pictures of the building of my home DJ booth to spec, co-designed and constructed by Jeffrey Gratton (music producer, among what he says are over tens of other careers he has tried). Jeffrey was 1/2 of underground dance music act Dat Oven in the late 1990s. The booth was perfect for me, though probably a crazy monstrosity to anyone else.

The industrial caster wheels with locking mechanism allowed me to move the gigantic booth easily around any of my lofts. The front side was outfitted with one of the first generation flat panel televisions. It was extremely easy to access the inner illuminated area for connecting devices and reconfiguring anytime I added or changed gear. One plug only.

I stood at this booth working (with music playing) as much as I have sat at my desk. Jeffrey had spent enough time in my loft to see me working (not mixing) at my former booth (shown below), so he suggested that it be designed with that in mind.

A lot of memories are attached to this booth. Jr’s World radio/Sirius radio shows; Twilo Vol. 1+Nervous Breakdown, Earth Music 1+2, Anthem 1+2; testing all studio songs (Genelec reference monitors, identical to studio); playing every single record in my Collection many times each.

I disassembled the booth into pieces and had it disposed of in various different locations in NYC prior to moving to Barcelona in June 2008, rendering it impossible for someone to piece back together. It served its purpose but I felt it needed to be put to rest and had served its purpose beautifully.

“Darling I love you but…”

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