So Spotify has 5 new Kristine W releases at once?! I assume not all new but nonetheless…hooray!


Junior’s “Clubland” isn’t new to Spotify, but when I clicked to open, I saw it and it reminded me…

Junior Vasquez invited me to accompany him to Roseland to DJ at a Sony event for commemorating the 25th (?) anniversary of the Walkman in 1999. He and I had been working together secretly but had not yet announced it to Jane Brinton, his former manager, whom, through our discussions, he had decided to parts ways with.


Jane Brinton, former Vasquez manager

I believe, knowing what I know now, that Jane was not as torn apart as I thought about losing her client, as evidenced by the onslaught of lawsuits of past issues that I inherited related to uncleared samples, unfulfilled contracts, conflicts of interest created by Junior having circumvented his management’s knowledge and more. Junior had become a bad client. Lawsuits after their separation were fast and furious back and forth and consumed a lot of my time in the first year.

It’s my moral obligation to say publicly that I came to know that Junior made false claims of mismanagement of money by Jane Brinton and other failures in her fiduciary responsibilities to him as his manager. I took him at his word and did not have access to his entire records to verify his claims before I met with one of the best entertainment attorneys in NYC on his behalf and retained him to represent Junior. That Jane stole from him is false, untrue, reprehensible, shameless and even villanous. Once I had power of attorney and full access to all financial records and history, I dug much deeper and found zero evidence of any money missing except from his own reckless spending.  I recognize and empathize with personality traits of a client and friend for whom I care/d deeply; however, Jane’s reputation was attacked, and the claims that Junior made cost her legal fees and the previous investment she had made in him and Pagoda Records. I am eternally sorry, and I got my share of karma as he did the exact same thing to me. Letting go’s not easy.

By the Walkman party, I had started assigning songs to engineers on Junior’s behalf, and Gomi was on “Clubland” by Kristine W duty. [Why Gomi? Because I had made a slight attempt at “managing” Gomi earlier that year.] Junior and I both had gotten the rough demo of his remix the night before the Roseland event. The mix sounded dry and boring to me, nothing to remember in it. The song says, “blow your horn,” and Kristine’s notorious for blowing her horn live…everyone should know that.

So naturally, about an hour before I was going to meet Junior at Roseland, I went straight for “Funky Horns” by Fierce Factor in my Vinyl, put the needle on the record, hit record and played it atop Gomi’s rough demo of “Clubland.” It was obvious I thought.

I took the CDR with me to the Sony Walkman party, hoping to give it to Junior but nervous that he would think I was overstepping creatively. My driver dropped Junior off at his house on my way, and before he got out, I nervously explained that we needed to add the horns “or something,” gave him the CDR, he seemed fine strangely, even relaxed about the whole thing, and when I got home, he had already left me a message that it was “fierce girl.” From that day on, he allowed me full creative participation and within months, creative control, over all Junior Vasquez branded songs (until I relinquished that when we parted ways in February 2008).

That was an absolute honor. I learned much about music from his dancefloor at the original Sound Factory. There was no time to wrestle with ego between us two, and that was uncanny and beautiful. It also allowed JVM’s music output to be both voluminous and really fantastic musically. There were witnesses to it who were dumbfounded, and there were people whom the dynamic caused such severe emotions that they showed how they felt in a range of behaviors, actions, words and even hysteria.

With almost everyone outside a very tight circle of trust, he was highly guarded about him doing all the work, work that one human being could not possibly complete even with no sleep ever. It’s not my intention to steal his spotlight, but I am extremely proud of body of work to which I contributed creatively. And highly honored that I had the fortune to have the access and privilege that he permitted me for 9 years. I gave it my all & all.

Other “Junior Vasquez Music” songs by Kristine W now on Spotify:

(titled: Junior Vasquez Sound Factory Mix – actual title: Jr’s World Remix) Mixshow Version, Programmed & Engineered by Joe Carrano for JVM

(titled: Jr’s World Club Anthem – actual title: Junior’s Sound Factory Remix) Extended Mix, Programmed & Engineered by Joe Carrano for JVM

(correctly titled, Programmed & Engineered by Joey Moskowitz for JVM)

Two personal favorites of mine from the JVM era:

“Some Lovin” (Junior’s Earth Remix) – programmed by Mauro Lucero

“Letting Go” (Junior’s Earth Remix) – programmed by Frederick Jorio

But nothing will ever top the songs that made me fall in love with Kristine on the greatest dancefloor ever. Junior Vasquez was in the DJ booth, it was early 1994, and he got an acetate of “Feel What You Want” from Darrin Friedman who ran the best source of music for DJs at the time, For The Record, Judy Weinstein’s & David Morales’ record pool adjacent run alongside Def Mix. Hearing Kristine’s voice and Rollo’s production on that sound system ranks among my greatest musical memories.

And then came Junior’s own “Factory” remixes of the next songs, which were the definitive versions to me, the highlights of my own days feeling the music, soaking it all up on the dancefloor. And classics from my first days DJ’ing. I was so proud to have the triple pack import promos that no one could get.

“One More Try” Junior Vasquez Factory Dub not yet on Spotify (Bonus Beats never released?)

“Land of the Living” Junior Vasquez Remixes (first set – Jorio not Mosk, IMO) not yet on Spotify

“Don’t Wanna Think” Junior Vasquez Remixes – not yet on Spotify

In this decade, Continuous Cool has continued to have the fortune to work on Kristine W music. Partner & Music Producer Joe Carrano programmed and engineered the Tony Moran ‘Destination’ Remixes of “So Close to Me,” and Joe is credited under his own name for some songs as well. (He and Kristine are close friends.)

above: Synthapella (very JVM)

above: Percapella (how very JVM lol)

I produced a version of the same song with 6KU, an engineer in Barcelona.

I have loved Kristine since “the sun” first came out of those legendary stacks on 27th Street. She’s the greatest living dance artist of my generation. I am proud to know her, to have had the honor to work with her, to have her perform at events I have produced in Tokyo and many times in NYC and even once when I was DJ’ing solo, and for my own mother to have met and spent time with her when I took the whole crew on the road to recreate Twilo at ageHa in Tokyo in April 2001. I love that’s KW’s in the land of the living and constantly outdoing even herself.



Kristine W at Town Danceboutique at my début DJ performance (solo) in my hometown, Washington, DC

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Land of the Living lyrics

I got a mirror, a bottle and a pen
The mirror is cracked
The bottle is empty
And my pen don’t know where to beginI’ve got a picture, a letter, and a song
The picture is torn
The letter is worn
And my tune has been sung beforeAnother show is over
And the lights have gone down
There’s no flowers at my door
No, no callers come around, babyBut I’m glad to be alive and in the land of the living
Oh, I can’t believe that I survived
And I’m in the land of the living
Can’t believe that I survived

I saw the city, the lights and the music
The city is hard
The lights they have lied
The music just seems to have died

And I had my hope
I had my faith
Oh, my pride, yeah
And to hope I cling
To faith I am blind
And my pride I have left far behind

Another show is over
And the lights have gone down
There’s no flowers at my door
Ain’t no callers come around babe

But I’m glad to be alive and in the land of the living, babe
I can’t believe that I survived
Still in the land of the living, baby
Can’t believe that I’m alive

Still in the land of the living, baby
Can’t believe that I survived
Oh no, I’m still in the land of the living
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

You see another night is over
And the curtain’s come down
I see no flowers at my door
Oh, no one’s comin’ ’round, yeah
But I’m glad to be alive
Still in the land of the living
Bet you can’t believe I survived
Still alive in the land of the living

Oh babe, I’m still alive
In the land of the living
I bet you, bet you can’t believe

Land Of The Living lyrics © EMI Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group, WEITZ HOUSE MUSIC PUBLISHING

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