14362600_1390092591019194_66646560742814198_o.jpgNYC nightlife institution Better Days (1972-1990) returns for one night to Analog BKNY on Saturday, October 15th.


Music by Bruce Forest.

Red Bull Music AcademyDisco MusicLove Injection and Better Days Facebook Page are good places to start if you don’t know about the magic that happened at Better Days (Resident DJs Tee Scott & Bruce Forest; guest DJs David Morales, Kenny Carpenter, Robert Clivilles, Shep Pettibone, Steve Thompson, Jon Jon Hernandez, Andre Collins & John Hall).

Bruce Forest’s BETTER DAYS Spotify Playlist

The party will honor the release of Life and Death on the NYC Dancefloor (1980-1983), a book by Tim Lawrence. There will be limited copies of it to purchase at the party. Tim will also be in the flesh signing them, so bring yours if you have it already.14572245_1404300229598430_1047272873685654099_n.jpgYeah, yeah…a book…I’m a geek. I know…

Back to the MUSIC, right. Try this…3 Hours of Better Days (“A Better Days set…..none of this was planned. I hit “record” and played for three hours. Any flaws are mine alone……,” says Bruce). I personally love his Better Days Spotify Playlist.

Better Days (Facebook Event Invite)

Tickets are cheap. $15 at Better Days Disco.  And the best part? Bruce is playing on the sound system he calls BETTER THAN THE PARADISE GARAGE at Analog BKNY (sound by SBS Slammer).

What else?

Passionate as heck about his craft, Bruce was in checking out the upgrades to the SBS Slammer at Analog BKNY that will be ready just in time for the Better Days event.


Bliss with father Bruce at Analog BKNY

IMVHO, Bruce Forest is a model citizen in the music business and in the smaller community of dance music. He’s diplomatic and kind unlike too many people in the biz who have been around as long or had the amount of success he’s had.


Producer Bruce Forest: Madonna, Whitney Houston, Bruce Springsteen, Debbie Harry/Blondie, Elton John, Culture Club/Boy George, Erasure…

Ya heard of Loleatta Holloway? His Loleatta
My Loleatta: Recounted by Bruce Forest (with Transcript)



How about Do It Properly? Built live at Better Days then re-created in the studio.


“Do It Properly” co-producer David Cole (R: 1/2 of C&C Music Factory) & Mariah Carey (L)

“There’ll be better days ahead,” as Vernessa Mitchell hollers. That’s for sure. Saturday, October 15th at Analog BKNY.

2 thoughts on “Better Days at Analog BKNY Saturday October 15

  1. Someone asked on the Facebook event page if s/he(?) would hear music past 1983. Better Days was open past that. Bruce responded:

    “I started there in 1980. With respect, why would I ignore the years between 1983 and 1988?

    Swept Away, Din Daa Daa, White Horse, I Want it to Be Real, Chaka’s “I Feel For You,” Land of Hunger, Tina’s “Let’s Stay Together were all 1984 as was Touch Me by Fonda Rae. Colonel Abrams (Trapped) was 1985, along with Phyllis Nelson, Aretha Franklin and Luther. Every single House record was post 1984. Jocelyn’s “Love’s Gonna Get Ya,” Slave to the Rhythm, Dhar Braxton (Jump Back,) Gwen Guthrie (Rent,) Rumors by Timex Social Club and “When I Think Of You” by Janet, Captain Rapp – I Can’t Stand It, Hanson and Davis, Janice Christie, Carolyn Harding “Memories – all 1986.

    1987? Marshall Jefferson, Liz Torres, Touch, Tramaine, Kraftwerk, M/A/R/R/S, JM Silk, Farley Keith, Chip E…I could fill the page.”

    Good answer. Lots of music.


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