Written by Jeffrey Gratton and given to me. Seems written on “Day 4” (at JVM), 2000?.



my “eyes” taken from here (with Claudio)…I’m still lost about the Christ reference :/



Dat’s a lot to chew on, Mr. Oven. Not enough channels on my Urei. Mapplethorpe later.



“Oswald’s Murder” (Icy Oven Imagination)

I found Jeffrey’s writing today. I had not read it since 2000. The album that I was mixing must have been this one based on some things that he references and my recollections.


Twilo Vol. 1: “Junior Vasquez” Twilo Records + JVM + Virgin

When I read it back then, I shoved it in an envelope where it got lost until today when I was looking for something. My initial reaction was:



With time having passed, I’m really flattered. No longer rolling my eyes up in the back of my head like I’m blind – sorry, Jeffrey (sorry, Whitney!)


Greatest Female Artist of my life: “Let’s take it from the top”

I’ve lost track of Jeffrey Gratton, but he’s a genius. It was a privilege to be the first DJ to play his and Shunji’s tracks at Save the Robots: “Nueva York (Kennedy)”, “Fear Is My God”, “Chelsea Press 2”, and “Icy Lake“.

Icy Lake” went on to first become famous as a runway track at Junior Vasquez’ Arena at Peter (and Alessandra) Gatien’s Palladium nightclub and in 2014 was re-released on Night Slugs (record label).

“Icy Lake” Remixed & Re-Released in 2014

The Story of Icy Lake (great video)

It’s wonderful that anyone would put me on a pedestal like this…in writing no less…or I would never know it or believe it. [I didn’t have the “perfect life”, never did then, haven’t managed to yet.] Thank you, Jeffrey?

Actually what caused him amazement was the product of hard work and..a lot of small things brought together, as Van Gogh would say.


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